The Etz Chaim Create Your Jewish Legacy Team consisting of Sandy Baden, Carol
Friedman, Russ Rosen, Steve Segerman, and Randy Slovin would like to say...THANK

Over the past three years our Team has been part of the Jewish Federation of
Cincinnati’s program designed to increase awareness about legacy giving and
endowments. It’s an opportunity to include local Jewish organizations in one’s will,
trust, insurance policy, IRA, etc. which would enable continued support for this
synagogue family and other local Jewish non-profits after one has passed away.
Remember, you can’t take it with you, but you sure as heck can make a difference after
you’ve passed, and your generosity will continue to be part of your legacy.

The Etz Chaim CYJL Team has successfully obtained close to 60 Letters of Intent (LOI)
from our existing congregational membership, or from those that had been congregants
and made a point of leaving money for us after they passed away. The dollars pledged
approach $800,000 with close to $300,000 already received. Our Team goal is to raise
at least $1 million in commitments for our congregational family’s future, and that is
where we could use your assistance.

As a result of the efforts to increase awareness of legacy gifting, and by achieving
incentives set forth by the Jewish Federation, Etz Chaim has received $34,000 over the
three-year period via a grant that the Federation received from the Harold Grinspoon
Foundation’s Life & Legacy Program. The participants in this program embraced and
understood the meaning of Legacy Giving right off the bat and understood what that
concept meant to our synagogue. Simply put, Legacy Giving is critical to the lifeblood of
any non-profit, no more so than our synagogue. Please help us reach our goals for our
legacy endowment by completing a LOI and / or getting the word out about the program.

Our Team would like to thank our Board of Directors who have been supportive of our
efforts, and the CYJL Team at the Jewish Federation for their encouragement.

Finally, if you are interested in being a part of this amazing Team, please reach out to one
of us and we’d be happy to discuss your involvement.

Thanks again,

Sandy, Carol, Russ, Steve, and Randy

To learn more about making a lasting gift in the form of a legacy commitment. Please click the icon to the right and more information about the letter of intent will open.

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