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Our Israel

Our Israel Connection

Congregation Etz Chaim believes in nurturing each member’s

spiritual growth and our connection to Judaism and to Israel.

For many American Jews the synagogue is the main focus

and connection to Jewish life. We believe that part of our

responsibility to our congregants is to provide opportunities

through our synagogue programming to experience, study

and to understand the importance of this connection.

Many of our programs are designed to encourage experiences that teach and remind us of the importance of our involvement with Israel. Throughout the year we plan Israeli themed evenings and events that focus on Israeli culture, on current affairs, music, dance, food and traditions. We invite many Israeli students and visitors to our synagogue to speak with us and to join us in both spiritual and social activities inside and outside of our synagogue walls.

In June of 5775, Etz Chaim sent a group of congregants to Israel. Like many Jewish American families, many of our congregants had sent their children to Israel but quite a number had not yet had the opportunity to experience Israel themselves. We encouraged that group of parents to participate in the program along with a large group of our seasoned congregants returning for the fourth and fifth times. The trip was meant to connect our congregants not only to the spiritual beauty of Israel but also to connect our families to the series of events in history that brought Israel into being. The experience proved to be such a positive and engaging experience we decided to do it again. Here is a group photo from our September 2022 trip.


Israel 2022.png

We are once again pleased to travel to Israel as a congregational family. Join us on our next Israel Adventure July 2024 details below!

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