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Prayer at Etz Chaim

Congregation Etz Chaim offers a multitude of prayer services for one to enjoy and experience. Our strong lay leadership and the opportunities afforded to be a part of this leadership is just one powerful tool available to us as we explore our connection with God. For more information as to how YOU can be a part of our leadership team, please contact our office at 513-489-3399 or email us at

We invite you to attend our egalitarian worship services:

Thursday Morning Minyan
A one hour minyan service is held every Thursday morning in our Sanctuary at 7:00 AM.

Yes it may be early, but it’s a great way to start your day. Followed by a sumptuous coffee,

bagel and lox breakfast – even includes liquor shots!

Friday Night Kabbalat Shabbat
Join us at 6:00pm for Kabbalat Shabbat to welcome in the Shabbat bride, followed by

Maariv. This hour-long service is filled with ruach and smiles.

Comfy Kab-Shab

Dress in comfortable clothes, we'll sit in comfortable chairs set up in the lobby

and enjoy musical selections from the Summer Kabbalat Shabbat Series.

Enjoy a hot tea, a glass of wine or bottle of beer to help us usher in a restful Shabbat.

Everyone welcome and be comfy!

Minyan on the Move

Our congregants have asked us to be able to share more meals together and

what better way than welcoming in Shabbat over delicious food we don't have to

cook at a resturant. Shabbat blessings, Torah Tidbit and smiles included.

Zoom Friday Night

It's a great way to usher in the joy and holy time of Shabbat and enjoy your

Synagogue community all from the comfort of your living room.  This is ideal for

home bound members or those who prefer not to drive in the dark.

Shabbat Morning
Shabbat Morning services start at 10 AM and run until 12:00. These lay led services

can vary from the reflective to the lively and allow for some interpretation within the

conservative prayer structure due to our allowance of “davener’s choice.” Services are

followed by a delicious Kiddush luncheon.

We offer special services upon request, for any time of the week, so that our congregants, with others’ help, can say Kaddish and observe a Yahrzeit for a loved one. These short (30-45 minute) services are just one more way that our congregants support

one another. We offer these services via zoom as well.

It is customary to recite a Misheberach, a prayer requesting blessing and healing, for those who are sick. These prayers are recited on Monday and Thursday mornings and on Shabbat. If you would like a Misheberach recited for a friend or loved one, please

call or e-mail the office.

We look forward to seeing you at Etz Chaim!!!

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