Happy Birthday to all our congregants with birthdays in the month of March

4    Ruth Cohen


4   Stanley Kravetz


4   Monica Lerner


8   Sasha Cohen


13  Howard Suid


16  Sara Gati


17   Jory Edlin


17   Sterling Segal


17  Ron Shapiro


19   Sanford Franklin


19  Haguit Rubinstein-Towler


22   Susan Segerman


23   Nelson Linder


23  David Neman


23  Chie Weil


26   Shia Edelstein


29   Steven Cohn


29   Sam Krimins


31    Karen Barnes


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       Happy Birthday!

  Yom Huledet Sameach!

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Simcha Shabbat


Will resume when services can once again

be held safely in our buildings. Until then - we wish our members with birthdays a happy and healthy

Yom Huledet Sameach!