Happy Birthday to all our congregants with birthdays in the month of July

July 1         Mike Moskowitz

July 2         Ethan Krimins

July 6         Richard Behrman

July 8         Miki Moskowitz

July 8         Alice Plotkin

July 8         Lisa Tessel

July 12       Alex Cohen

July 13       Samantha Segerman

July 14      Audrey Goldfarb

July 17      Marc Dale Skurow

July 18       Richard Gabbour

July 18       Bobbie Goldey

July 19      Harvey Cohen

July 19       Russ Rosen

July 20       Adam Berger

July 25       Kim Kwiatek

July 26       Richard Diamond

July 27       Melanie Joffe

July 27       John Stein

July 29      Eudice Ginsberg

July 29       Francine F. Heilmann-McClung

July 29       Rona Peerless

July 31       Jan Arenstein

July 31       Olivia Edelstein

July 31       Aasia Gabbour



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       Happy Birthday!

  Yom Huledet Sameach!

Simcha Shabbat


Will resume when services can once again

be held safely in our buildings. Until then - we wish our members with birthdays a happy and healthy

Yom Huledet Sameach!

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