Men's Club

Our Men’s Club has grown to become a pillar of the congregation. Throughout the year Men’s Club organizes several religious activities, annual sporting events and helps support social action and synagogue projects.

Men’s Club Is: Basketball and Brisket
Jewish Men Watching Basketball
Watching the Bearcats Punch Their Ticket to the Dance

Men’s Club Is: Jews & Baseball
Spring Training Shavua Tov
Red’s Games with our name on the jumbotron

Men’s Club Is: Everything Jewish I learned from Star Trek
Live Long and Prosper

Men’s Club Is: World Wide Wrap
Putting on Tefillin with 6689 other wrappers across North America

Men’s Club Is: Monthly Poker Nights
Have you gotten a Royal Flush? Join this Hole in the Wall Gang

Men’s Club Is: Social Action
Volunteering at Over the Rhine Soup Kitchen & Cedar Village

Men’s Club Is: Real Men frying over 200 Latkes
Helping in the Kitchen for the annual Chanukah Dinner

Men’s Club Is: An organization that Remembers the Holocaust
Yellow Candles and Ensuring that we will never forget

Men’s Club Is: Bourbon Tours
Traveling to KY for the L’Chaim Tour

Men’s Club Is: Minyan Makers
Attending Services on Friday Nights, Shabbat and Sunday Mornings

Men’s Club Is: Service Leadership
Men’s Club Shabbat and Beyond

Men’s Club Is: A Part of Congregation Etz Chaim
An organization that balances social and religious needs while having fun



President: Aaron Schechtman


Secretary: Mark Rogoff



Treasurer: Ed Schulman

Interested in learning more about this special group of guys?

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8100 Cornell Road Cincinnati Ohio 45249

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