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Virtual & Outdoor Services

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Weekly Shabbat Candle Lighting


Join us weekly every Friday Night at 6pm

as we welcome in Shabbat & light candles with your CEC family.

Each week we’ll feature a different Shabbat Candle lighter who will lead us in the ritual and the blessing.


Log on to zoom to participate in this 10-minute ritual. Each week will be a little different, including different elements like musical additions, tidbits to help you embrace the peace of Shabbat and we may even invite Hank back to continue the popular story time sessions!


So Log On & Spread the Light! Need candlesticks? The Gift Shop has beautiful options.  Prices range from $10-$80



Services in the Rockwern Memorial Garden


Thursday Morning Minyan and Shabbat Morning services have shifted outdoors, with an emphasis on safety including proper wearing of masks and maintaining social distancing. 

Services are conducted weather permitting. Dress comfortably and come enjoy the ruach of nature and our tefillot.


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Parking Lot Services


We are delighted to offer Services in the Parking Lot.

Attendees are treated to meaningful services while they safely distance either inside their cars or in lawn chairs adjacent to their cars.

This format includes live leaders and projected services on our drive-in-movie style 16' by 10' movie screen. Roll in to learn more!



Virtural Yahrzeit Minyanim


Our Minyan Committee is introducing virtual Yahrzeit minyanim, as a temporary measure until such time as the Board reinstates synagogue services. A virtual minyan provides the opportunity to join a live minyan through an electronic meeting technology. This would be done by you in your own home by clicking on a link you would be sent by email to join the Minyan either by video or by phone. 


The Minyan Committee requires a 10-day lead time should you want to request a Yahrzheit Minyan. A member of our Minyan Committee will train you in what to do to join a service. Of course, you can also choose to observe the yahrzeit without calling a virtual minyan, using the special Mourner's Kaddish that can be recited without a minyan attached here.


If you are interested in scheduling or joining a virtual minyan, email us at or call Barbara 513-708-5208 or Barry at 513-373-1552.


Virtural Healing Service

We live in unprecedented times, a time of stress and uncertainty, a time of lonesomeness, and, perhaps sometimes too much togetherness.To help strengthen us in these times, Lynne Haber is leading a healing service every Sunday at 4:00 PM.


This contemplative service is an opportunity to connect in community, to be seen and heard in holy relatedness, to study a little Torah, and to ground in meditation. Kaddish is said when there is a minyan.


If you do not have experience with Zoom, please contact Lynne at to set up a practice session. And please plan to join 10 minutes early, so that technology issues do not disrupt the service.

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