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On March 18, 2020 our wonderful Board of Directors divided the membership roster and began their check-in phone calls.

Through their efforts we've touched base with every member every other week since the Pandemic began.

Our Synagogue is not a building, it's a family. While our doors may be closed our hearts our open. Our Board Members are our eyes and ears on the ground and they are helping us ensure that congregants needs are met.


Congregants - You are not alone. The calls you are receiving are made with compassion and discretion.


If you have a need, please let them know and we can deploy our resources.

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Thank you to the congregants who: prepared meals, volunteered to be personal shoppers and have delivered supplies. We are a family - and while we may not be able to be together physically, we are connected through our love of Judaism and Etz Chaim.

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